Build, manage and analyse the training for AI powered chatbots

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Alter NLU is an open source tool to train AI based conversational agents such as chatbots, powered by deep learning.

A good quality training dataset is the backbone of a robust and intelligent chatbot. Everything depends upon how good is the training dataset for the bots to be conversational for it to process the user intent and context and provide the desired output.

Current industry pain point is it’s difficult to gauge the training data quality.

Alter NLU focuses specifically on helping one build, manage and analyze a high-quality training dataset by calling out the loopholes in the dataset and by recommending how to make it better and smarter.

Interactive UI to build and manage training data

Real time report of the chatbot training data quality

Rest API. Supported for both training and parsing.

Continuous deployment. New model on updated data will be automatically available to parse once training is completed.

Alter NLU helps you achieve all of the above in just a few steps

  1. 1. Sign up on the platform
  2. 2. Create training data (Refer to the guide here)
  3. 3. Download training data once the option is enabled
  4. 4. Go to Alter NLU github repo and follow the steps mentioned in ‘’.

Apart from the open source tool we also have been working on custom projects and integration for global businesses.

Take a look at the summary of the features

  • Intent Detection
  • Entity Extraction
  • Interactive Training data creation UI(the console)
  • Rest API Supported
  • Single Serving Bot architecture
  • Reports on health of the training data
  • Automated model QC - Get optimal production output for bot responses,
    Premium. Case to case basis
  • All of opensource version + below mentioned
  • GPU Server
  • Deep Analytics via our platform Anchor
  • Multiple bot architecture
  • UI and UX development and customization for the chat widget. This includes - decision trees, conversation builders and flows.
  • Pre-trained intents with high accuracy for Small Talks, Alerts, Notifications etc.
  • Real time support

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