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Content Management System for bots

Build a support, marketing, brand, news, event bot just in 30 minutes on our platform


Why a CMS for Bots?

Know what makes chatbots tick? It’s all about conversation.
A bot that speaks naturally like humans has personality and presence. It compels users to engage with it. For you, that translates into enhanced stickiness and increased conversions.

All this calls for a tool that offers -
1. rich interface for authoring of conversations
2. Bit sized content structures suitable for bots
3. In-chat support for emojis / audio / video
4. Linking automatic content feeds from the web

Kontiki is that tool.


Why Kontiki?

Conversation is the New Interface

We understand how the personal touch elevates user interactions and we are passionate about capturing that experience with tech to help enterprises connect and engage with customers effortlessly. Combining deep business insight with a flair for understanding people, we help you reach out to build trust and enhance user satisfaction.

Innovation that’s Agile yet Robust

The Kontiki methodology is driven by a sensitivity to our clients’ unique needs. We progress through rapid, iterative design cycles to deliver polished, comprehensive solutions designed to complement your existing customer engagements. Ultimately, it all boils down to robust code that’s scalable and maintainable. Our extensive experience of both front-end and back-end technologies ensures that your product deployments are in safe hands.

Tailored Solutions Across Industries

Whether you are a product manufacturer, a media company in the business of news and storytelling, or an enterprise keen on building a community, content is key – and content is what we do best. We take our research seriously and get under the skin of the design process to script bespoke text and voice experiences that translate into solid value for your enterprise.

A Rare Alchemy

Incubated within a design agency, our team excels at content curation, writing and creativity. Add to this a powerful mix of tech, engineering and marketing minds, and what you get is a winning blend equipped to craft nuanced and impactful conversational experiences to help you deliver information seamlessly.


As the world’s first native CMS for bots, Kontiki was custom-built from the ground up.

At the same time, we wanted it to feel familiar. So we kept the best of the traditional CMS and built our platform around that core. The result? A platform that helps you create a content-driven bot in minutes with sample code and documentation.


You Create the Content. We Do All the Rest!

Kontiki packs all the tools you need to create bots by yourself. And you get to choose how you do it!

Build it Yourself

Prefer the hands-on approach? Keen to do your own coding? Use our simple DIY guide and starter code, and just get cracking!


Let Us Help

Not comfortable with coding? No sweat.
Reach out to our team of developer evangelists and they will be happy to give you a hand.


Bots with NLP Under the Hood

Kontiki is integrated with Api.ai. So, any content you create is used for automated training via Api.ai.
In other words, you needn’t worry about your bot’s NLP capabilities. Of course, you are free to make any modifications to add extra functionality.

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The Kontiki platform is just a slice of our comprehensive suite of services designed to cover your journey from concept to launch and beyond. Our experienced team merges niche skills from across a range of tech and creative domains to help you design and deploy bots with ease and confidence.

Let's work together

Four Steps – That’s all it takes!

Model Your Domain or Business

Signup on Kontiki and use our wizard to create your bot. Just answer a few simple questions and create a content model for your domain.

Create Content for Your Bot

Use our WYSIWYG interface to author bot content, or use our web APIs to fetch content from the web. Kontiki gives you the flexibility to merge your own content with that from the web, and conveniently convert it into a conversational format.

Build Your Bot’s Business Logic

Get started with our simple DIY guide and starter code. Using Kontiki calls for knowledge of programming, but feel free to reach out to us if you need any help.

Launch Your Bot

With your content and business logic in place, you are all set to launch your bot. No further development is needed, although you can continue authoring or modifying content in the back-end as you go along.

Free for users who signup before 31st December 2017.

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For Agencies

Kontiki is currently in beta testing.

Conceive, execute and deploy voice and text based bots to cover your client’s varied user engagement needs. Play around with our sample code to develop conversational interfaces rapidly. Alternatively, dive deeper into the design process with the limitless modalities offered by our powerfully versatile platform, combined with expert guidance from our dedicated professional team.


For Enterprises

Kontiki is currently in beta testing.

Build customized bots conveniently and in-house to innovatively address user engagement challenges in any area of operations. Kontiki’s sample code gives your IT team a handy template to design and manage bots independently and with ease, all on a single, powerful platform. Besides, our cross-functional, collaborative model makes our expert advice and strategic design thinking available to your team at every point throughout your journey.