Get Started

We have made the Kon-Tiki Labs (KTL) CMS platform easy for you to get started building your own amazing, intelligent bot. This step-by-step guide begins with a tutorial on creating your account and adding your first bot. Later, we demonstrate how to fetch real-time content from web resources, and finally, how to create and manage customized content.

At the end of this guide you should be able to get your project up and running in no time to build delightful conversations for your bot.


Attaching Demo Bot

Our platform provides easy and seamless integration. Start configuring the demo bot and publishing your own content right away, in just a few simple steps.

Take advantage of the Demo Bot Git repo we have created to help you easily monitor the content on the bot interface. Our Demo Bot Git repo’s readme file will help you set up a bot step-by-step, along with all the other critical information you needto manage the content objects. Also, you can refer to the API Document to integrate the demo bot with your account on the Kontiki Platform.

Demo Bot Git Repo

Integrating AI

The KTL platform offers API.AI integration to help you easily create natural language understanding, based on API.AI technology.

You need to follow a few steps to use the integration. The first step is to get the application key from API.AI for the interaction example set created on API.AI. This key identifies your application to the API and is required for any authenticated or unauthenticated API calls. You will then need to provide this key to the bot account on the KTL platform.

API.AI Agent